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13.5" of sparkling faceted gemstones of your choice with three gold beads & 16" gold cable chain

14k yellow gold

*shown in tourmaline

promote self confidence, boost inspiration or welcome prosperity with tourmaline
has the power to transform negative energy into a more positive vibration. is also the stone of protection and stimulates concentration, focus & creativity
symbolic of friendship, loyalty, love & compassion
supports life balance and spiritual connection while allowing the wearer to expands their own truth & knowledge
known to soothe emotional turmoil & replace with loving energy. also enhances intuition while
promoting inspiration, good fortune & success
attracts good fortune & success while promoting inspiration, inner growth & strength
a protective stone that repels negativity while ridding the wearer of anger & resentment
symbolic of transformation - known to raise consciousness& deepen intuition
this stone creates balance while inspiring creativity. it also encourages harmony, peace & satisfaction
has the power to soothe emotional trauma. also known to alleviate worry & fear. amazonite helps the wearer to move beyond fear & judgement & live in their own truth
symbolic of love & has immense healing properties. promotes emotional & physical health
provides the wearer with protection, luck & wealth

Jewelry Care

Our jewelry is available in a wide variety of metals from solid 14k gold to gold plated brass. This allows us to offer similar styles at several price points. 

18k gold vermeil pieces are sterling silver that have been plated with 18k gold.  These pieces are great for individuals with allergies to normal plated jewelry items. Vermeil jewelry is not solid gold and should be treated with extra care. Never use jewelry cleaner on vermeil pieces.  Vermeil jewelry will wear differently with each individual.

Sterling silver is a mixture of pure silver with copper or nickel, also known as the alloys. To clean sterling silver pieces, use a cleaning agent with a sulfur base to remove accumulated tarnish. 

Solid 14k gold pieces are 14 parts pure gold with 10 parts alloy. 14k gold jewelry are completely solid throughout the entire piece. These pieces are more durable than vermeil or sterling silver.

Extra Tips For Taking Care Of All Pieces:

  • Always remove your jewelry before swimming, bathing, doing household chores, or using abrasive cleaners.
  • if your jewelry requires cleaning, use a mild soap, water, and a soft brush such as a toothbrush.  Rinse with clean water and pat dry with a soft cloth.
  • Avoid direct contact with beauty products such as perfume, hairspray, or deodorant while wearing your jewelry.
  • Place individual pieces of jewelry in a plastic bag and squeeze as much air out as possible before closing.  This prevents tarnishing and scratching.

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If you would like to return an item which you purchased to receive store credit, please request a Returns Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number within 14 days of receiving your order by emailing with your order number in the subject line. We will email you a confirmation of Return request and issue an RMA number. You may return an item within 14 days from date of receipt for a merchandise CREDIT valid on (less shipping costs). Please note all estate, fine and wedding jewelry is custom work and FINAL SALE.  All discounted and sale items are FINAL SALE.

Jewelry not treated according to the Caring for your Jewelry page is not eligible for exchange.

All returned items must be in the original condition and packaging and sent via UPS or certified US mail


We will ship your order via UPS. We make every effort to ship your order within 14 days of receiving it. However, many of our items are made to order. Some items can take up to 8 weeks to ship. If you have questions about the lead time of any specific pieces, please send an email to

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