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Caring for Your Clothing

Even just a little knowledge in the care department can make all the difference when it comes to keeping your clothes looking great. As women we find confidence, creativity and self-expression through the clothes that we choose to wear. Taking care of our wardrobe is often overlooked and oh so important for stylish women. We’ve got simple care tips that will give the environment a break as well a save your favorite shirt & expensive dry-cleaning bills.

Here is a helpful guide to help downsize, organize and take care of your closet


Stain Removal Tips   * Always treat the stain as soon as possible *

More Tips

  • Turning clothes inside out will protect prints on t-shirts and prevent fading & pilling
  • Use the coolest, gentlest cycle possible for the type of clothes you’re washing. It saves energy AND makes your clothes last longer.
  • Eco detergents tend to be more expensive, but they’re better for the environment and your clothes.
  • More is less with detergent – adding extra measures can do more harm than good as it leaves a damaging residue on your clothes after rinsing.
  • Avoid tumble drying. It can damage your clothes and uses A LOT of electricity.
  • Line-dry wherever possible, a drying rack is a good alternative.
  • Hang garments after drying as many creases will drop out naturally - hanging them in a steamy bathroom after a shower is even better.
  • Using a low-heat setting on your iron makes it cheaper to run while being kinder to your clothes.


 Literally nothing beats a fresh white tee. Here is a simple way to brighten your whites - Add one small cup of baking soda to your normal washing detergent. If possible, dry your clothes outside. Sunlight will brighten your whites and it’s a natural sanitizer that helps to kill bacteria....That’s it!




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