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Katie DIYmond - Studio Makeover: Bling it on!

katie diamond

Posted on July 15 2014

If it isn’t obvious enough, here at Katie Diamond Jewelry we love all things bling...especially diamonds! Our location, a tiny office tucked away in the depths of an old jewelry factory, has its pros and cons. Pro: we are literally steps away from our jewelers. Con: our office tends to look a tad dingy, and well, factory-ish! So, yesterday we decided that it was about time to start sprucing up our studio. Naturally, we are striving to create a space as sparkly, yet edgy, as we are! Our office is still a diamond in the rough, but we are beyond excited about our new look! Check out our DIY tips, tricks, and tutorials on how to create a diamond graffiti wall and a fabulous faux animal head!

   *   *   * 

D I A M O N D     G R A F I T T I     W A L L *
Inspired by both the fabulous nail art worn by one of our amazing buyers at Bernstein & Gold and a blog post about stencil wall art on A Beautiful Mess, we put two and two together and voilà (and yes, we might have googled how to spell “wallah!”). Here’s how to bring some bling into your office space!
       -  Cardstock
       -  Adhesive Stencil Paper by Martha Stewart
       -  Exacto Knife
       -  Scrap Paper or Drop Cloths (to protect the wall)
       -  Tape
       -  Gold Spray Paint
    Here’s What We Did
       1. First, Kristen sketched the diamond shapes on cardstock
       2. Cut the diamonds out and trace each component onto the adhesive stencil paper.
       3. After tracing each piece of the diamonds on the adhesive stencil paper, cut them out and place them randomly around the wall
          (they even looked adorable during this stage!)
       4. Before spray-painting, prep the area with tape + tissue paper to protect the surrounding wall space.
       5. Let the spray painting begin!
       6. Let the paint dry for about 30 minutes and then…
       7. Peel the stencils back to reveal an awesome new blinged-out wall! 
 *   *   *
F A U X     A N I M A L     H E A D *
Nothing screams edgy-glam more than a gold and glittered faux animal head hanging on your wall!
       -  Paper Mache Animal Head
       -  Modge Podge
       -  Gold Glitter
       -  Wood Plaque
       -  Gold Spray Paint
       -  Glue
     Here’s What We Did:
       1. We used an old paper mache animal head that Katie found in her son’s room that was no longer being used.
       2. First, we tackled blinging out the plaque. We spray painted it gold, let it dry, and then placed a nail in the front which we would use to mount the
           faux animal head.
       3. To do this, we drilled a hole in the back of the animal head, which we would hang upon the nail on the plaque.
       4. We used tape to create a clean line separating the white base of the animal head and the antlers
       5. Then, we coated the antlers with modge podge and glitter so that no white showed through. Note: To make this process easier, it might be a good
            idea to first paint the antlers gold or coat them with gold spray paint!
       6. Let the antlers dry for 30 minutes and then you’re ready to mount your faux animal head!

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