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The Beauty In Birthstones

Birthstones are unique in the sense that they have a rich cultural history not to mention they are beautiful. These stones are embedded with deep spiritual meaning and they have come to represent who we are as people. They also make any piece of jewelry more personal and meaningful. Shop all birthstone jewelry here. Our birthstone necklace or birthstone earrings make a great gift under $100. If you're looking for an extra special gift - maybe a push present or anniversary gift - our birthstone eternity band is one of our absolute favorites and will stack well with existing wedding rings if that's what you're looking for.


Meaning: Insinuates trust & long friendship

History: The name comes from granatum, which means seed, because garnet stone resembles a pomegranate seed

Origin: Africa, Sri Lanka & India
Rhodolite Garnet was named for it's rose-like hue & is our favorite member of the garnet family. Because of it's pinkish glow, rhodolite garnet has been said to spread the aura of love - which makes it perfect to commemorate a 15th or 17th anniversary.


Meaning: Stands for clarity & courage

History: For a period, only Royalty was allowed to wear the amethyst stone

Origin: Though they are found everywhere. major mimes are in Brazil & Zambia

Amethyst is believed to strengthen intuitive and psychic abilities. If you're open to it - amethyst can help you improve your intellectual thought. Amethyst is also February's birthstone. It also commemorates a sixth anniversary.


Meaning: Conveys calmness & level-headedness

History: Worn by sailors in ancient times to guarantee safe voyage

Origin: Brazil, Nigeria, Madagascar, Zambia, Pakistan & Mozambique

Aquamarine is a watery blue stone that's said to be a symbol of fidelity and hope - which makes it perfect to commemorate a 19th anniversary. Aquamarine is also March's birthstone.


Meaning: A sign of everlasting love, but originally it signified courage & inner strength

History: The name comes from Adams which means "invincible" in Greek

Origin: Major mines are in Africa, Russia, India, Canada, USA & Australia

If you're a lucky April baby you get the diamond as your birthstone. Diamonds have been associated with bringing abundance, luck and clarity to it's wearer.

Meaning: Symbolize rebirth, wisdom & love

History: Ancient Romans dedicated the stone to Venus, the Goddess of Love

Origin: Afganistan, Brazil, Colombia &  Zambia

Emeralds can come in a variety of shades from light to dark to commemorate May babies' birth month. Shop our favorite Emerald necklace here.



Meaning: Represents love & luck

History: Named after Czar Alexander II of Russia, also known as "Alexander the Liberator" for his compassion towards people

Origin: Brazil & Sri Lanka

Alexandrite, along with Pearl and Moonstone serve as June's birthstones. Alexandrite has also traditionally been known to commemorate a 55th wedding anniversary.


Meaning: A sign of wisdom, wealth & love

History: Ancient Hindus called the stone the "King of Gems"

Origin: Brazil & Sri Lanka

The Ruby, deep red in color, is the stone of courage. This precious gemstone has also been known to stimulate the heart chakra - which makes it perfect to commemorate a 40th anniversary



Meaning: Expresses strength, power & influence

History: People believed that wearing a peridot stone would bring them a wonderful year

Origin: Arizona, China, Myanmar & Pakistan

Peridot has deep roots in mysticism and and healing power and has been known to fill the wearer's life with light and happiness. This green stone commemorates a 16th anniversary. Peridot is also August's birthstone.

Meaning: Signifies purity & wisdom

History: In Medieval times people believed wearing a sapphire would protect loved ones from envy & harm

Origin: India, East Africa & South America

Shop our favorite sapphire wedding or anniversary band here.

Meaning: Represents faithfulness & confidence

History: Opals tend to range in color and the name comes from the Greek word "opallos" which means "to see a change"

Origin: Australia

Shop our favorite Opal Ring here.

Meaning: Symbolizes love & affection

History: In ancient times Topaz was believed to increase strength & intelligence

Origin: Australia, Namibia, Nigeria, Russia, Pakistan, Brazil & USA

Shop our favorite topaz eternity band here.

Meaning: Stands for good fortune & success

History: Believed to be a love charm & relax mind of whoever was wearing the stone

Origin: Found worldwide but know for being from South West in USA

Shop our favorite turquoise huggie hoops here.

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