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At Katie Diamond, our jewelry is designed with only the finest materials that will last you a lifetime. The value of your jewelry can depend on which precious metals are used and their resilience. Here we use 14 & 18 k Gold, Gold Vermeil, Sterling Silver and Platinum

Gold (18k - 75% Pure & 14k - 58.3% Pure)

Gold is known for its resistance to rust, tarnish, and corrosion. Although gold is very strong, it's also the most malleable of all precious metals. Gold is mostly recognized by its yellow color but we offer White Gold and Rose Gold pieces.







-- Yellow Gold



-- Rose Gold



-- White gold

Gold Vermeil (pronounced vur-MAY)

Gold Vermeil is genuine sterling silver that has been expertly plated with a thick layer of 18k gold. We love this because we get to use premium sterling silver & gold together to produce high-quality jewelry that looks like it could cost a small fortune but is fairly priced. You can find gold plated and gold filled pieces of jewelry just about everywhere but there is a huge difference in the quality and long term value with the options. 


Cleaning gold vermeil jewelry is easy. When not being worn, keep it in the Katie Diamond Jewelry box that it came in. Remove this jewelry before swimming in a pool or hot tub. As with any piece of jewelry, you need to keep it free from dust, makeup, and chemicals which will strip the finish. We suggest you apply any perfume and makeup prior to putting on this jewelry. 


As I said before our Gold Vermeil jewelry has a base of high quality sterling silver with a thick layer of 18k gold and the thickness of this gold is industry regulated. That being said Gold Vermeil is the highest quality option. Gold filled is a decent option but the base is either brass or copper with a sheet of 10k (or higher) gold. The sheets of gold are not as thick as Gold Vermeil making this option less durable. Since the base is not sterling silver there is potential for metal allergy and irritation. Lastly Gold plated has a base of either steel or brass and then is very quickly dipped in gold. This thin finish can wear off easily and increase exposure to base metal allergies. 

Our Gilded collection is made up of Gold Vermeil and Sterling Silver pieces.


Sterling Silver (92.5%-95% Pure)-

Although fine silver has a higher purity percentage, people usually choose Sterling Silver for lots of reasons. First, sterling silver is less expensive even though sterling silver looks just as good as fine silver. There's also the durability factor. Sterling silver is much more durable compared to fine silver because of the added metal alloys. This can help your piece last and stay looking the best it possibly can for longer. Sterling silver is easier to shape than the soft and malleable fine silver, so you'll be able to find more options made of sterling silver vs silver.

More about Silver VS Sterling Silver


It is easy to keep your sterling silver clean last a lot longer by taking a few precautions. Store your sterling silver in the Katie Diamond Jewelry box that it came in and keep away from water. You can also clean your silver items with anti-tarnish liquids and a soft cloth.



Platinum is the most pure and rare of all the metals. We use this mostly for our custom orders and is our most popular metal for engagement rings and wedding bands. Platinum is durable and dense making it the most secure setting for your diamond. It is not easily scratched making it resistant to damage. Platinum is known for holding its beauty and lasting for ever making it the ultimate symbol for true, enduring, and everlasting love.


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