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The BEADS OF GOOD FORTUNE BRACELET features a customizable 14k gold bracelet with a fully adjustable chain. With its high-quality construction and luxurious design, this bracelet is sure to bring good fortune for years to come.

Customize this bracelet with any amount of 14k gold beads to signify an important moment of gratitude, fortune, love or luck. Add beads for birthdays, anniversaries, children, or any of life’s important milestones.

Made on our Billie chain that has a slide bead allowing it to be adjusted to any shorter length. Click here to see how easy it is to adjust.

The law of attraction uses numerology to mark the meaning of specific moments and events in your life. 

One is a stepping stone and a number which represents new beginnings, strength and relationships. 

The number two is a sign and symbolism of balance. Design some affirmations based on the idea of strength and resilience, and say each one twice.

The number 3 indicates that sources of love and wisdom are nearby, and are yours to benefit from. It is also often associated with luck and good fortune.

The number 4 can represent stability and routine. For example, the four seasons (Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter). Repeating 4s are a sign that you would benefit from taking a leap of faith.

The number 5 is here to tell you that the most positive change will result from appreciating the world around you. Offer gratitude for what you see, hear, touch, smell and feel.

In Tarot, six represents the Lovers. In this way, if you keep seeing the number six, it may be a sign you need to embrace inner peace and self-love.

The number 7 is intimately connected with new opportunities, especially ones that you weren’t expecting to come your way. It might appear in connection with job adverts, dating prospects, places to live or new classes, but no matter where you see repeated 7s you can be sure that there’s something highly advantageous hidden in plain sight.

The number 8 is often a symbol of abundance and prosperity. The shape of the number eight also suggests themes of momentum and repetition due to its cycles and link to infinity. Therefore, if you keep seeing the number eight, be sure to purge any negative thinking, allowing positivity to exponentially grow inside of you.

The number 9 is linked to compassion and empathy. It may be you are a natural empath. If you’re seeing it in your life then there’s a good chance that you’re bringing a lot of good into the lives of others. Nine can be a sign that you should share your talents and wisdom with the world!


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Jewelry Care

Our jewelry is available in a wide variety of metals from solid 14k gold to gold plated brass. This allows us to offer similar styles at several price points. 

18k gold vermeil pieces are sterling silver that have been plated with 18k gold.  These pieces are great for individuals with allergies to normal plated jewelry items. Vermeil jewelry is not solid gold and should be treated with extra care. Never use jewelry cleaner on vermeil pieces.  Vermeil jewelry will wear differently with each individual.

Sterling silver is a mixture of pure silver with copper or nickel, also known as the alloys. To clean sterling silver pieces, use a cleaning agent with a sulfur base to remove accumulated tarnish. 

Solid 14k gold pieces are 14 parts pure gold with 10 parts alloy. 14k gold jewelry are completely solid throughout the entire piece. These pieces are more durable than vermeil or sterling silver.

Extra Tips For Taking Care Of All Pieces:

  • Always remove your jewelry before swimming, bathing, doing household chores, or using abrasive cleaners.
  • if your jewelry requires cleaning, use a mild soap, water, and a soft brush such as a toothbrush.  Rinse with clean water and pat dry with a soft cloth.
  • Avoid direct contact with beauty products such as perfume, hairspray, or deodorant while wearing your jewelry.
  • Place individual pieces of jewelry in a plastic bag and squeeze as much air out as possible before closing.  This prevents tarnishing and scratching.

Here are some articles you may find helpful:

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We do not issue refunds for any orders but some orders are eligible for store credit in the event that you are unhappy with your purchase.

Please send a request in writing to shop@katiediamondjewelry.com with your order number in the subject line.

Returns eligible for store credit:

-Have been received no more than 14 days ago

-Have not been used, worn, or altered in any way

Please note the following items are final sale and not eligible to return for store credit:

-fine jewelry

-discounted or sale items

-customized or personalized merchandise

-jewelry not treated according to the Caring for your Jewelry page

If your item is eligible to return for store credit and has been approved you may send to us via UPS or certified US mail in the original condition and packaging, which contains a packing slip or other identifying documents.

Attn: Returns
570 North Maple Avenue
Ridgewood, NJ 07450

If you have requested a return shipping label be sent to you your merchandise credit will be less shipping costs.


We will ship your order via UPS. We make every effort to ship your order within 14 days of receiving it. However, many of our items are made to order. Some items can take up to 8 weeks to ship. If you have questions about the lead time of any specific pieces, please send an email to kristen@katiediamondjewelry.com.

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